While our members may make a significant difference in your business, it is important to note what we are vs. what we are not and what we can guarantee vs. what we can't.

What we are:

  • We are an entrepreneurship group with amazing people who have done amazing things. 
  • We are a group of people that help one another through tough business challenges. 
  • We are founders and leaders, typically in sports and recreation, mobile entertainment, and party rental businesses. We’ve helped businesses come up with growth strategies, reviewed websites and marketing materials, and introduced them to other successful people and resources.

What we are not:

  • We are not a get rich quick scheme. In fact, we only accept members that are actively developing a business concept or have a business that they already run. We also accept members who have exited their businesses. 
  • We are not for entrepreneurs that don’t have something of value to offer their customers, i.e. no MLMs or illegal businesses.
  • We are not for people that simply want to consume and not contribute. This is a community where together, we can elevate one another.

What we can guarantee:

  • That you’ll be surrounded by great people. 
  • That we have members with deep knowledge in things like Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, and much more. 
  • That you’ll be connected to other entrepreneurs that want to see you succeed. 
  • That you'll be surrounded by several people on the same entrepreneurial journey as your own.

What we can’t guarantee:

  • We can’t guarantee that you’ll make instant money. 
  • We can’t guarantee you’ll see an increase in your income.